WordPress Maintenance & Security

Is your Wordpress Site Running & Secure?

Wordpress is by far the most widely used Content Management Service (CMS) in the world, with approximately 43% of the estimated 1.93 billion active websites on the internet (as of the beginning of 2022) are built with Wordpress (over 60% of all CMS built websites are built with WP). That means that two out of every five websites use WordPress. As a result of this popularity, this makes all Wordpress sites a potential target for hackers everywhere, some estimates indicate there are at times upwards of 90,000 hack attempts on Wordpress sites every minute. While most of these attempts are thwarted through updated plugins and themes, many do actually succeed in gaining access to website data and, depending on the intent of the hacker, can severely affect any Wordpress site, either by allowing sensitive data to be stolen and/or a website being taken down altogether.


There are many necessary tasks that should be done on a regular basis to maintain your Wordpress website to help ensure your site is significantly less of a target for hackers. This includes keeping the Wordpress core files updated with the latest version release, as well as the various plugins your site may be using. Furthermore, there are methods for both monitoring for potential attacks as well as backup options and security updates that should be made on a regular basis to both prevent attacks and, in the worst case situation, be able to quickly recover a website should a successful hack were to be made.

The Wordpress Maintenance Packages offered by Web Propeller provide Wordpress site owners a peace of mind knowing that their website is being regularly maintained, optimized for security, and monitored at all times to reduce the odds of a debilitating hack.

We offer a series of tiered services to fit with each website owner’s needs based upon the size and complexity of their website. See the table below and the description section of the services offered.

It is our hope that you give your website security close attention regardless of whether or not you choose to use our services. It is our wish that your business or organization is as successful as it can be, and that you get the most out of your Wordpress website without having to deal with costly outages due to a compromised website.

24/7 Up-time Monitoring

Site restoration is covered in the event of an outage*

Regular Site Backups

Automated site backups copy your website for emergency restorations

Security Monitoring

Constant monitoring to thwart hackers & brute force attacks

Plugin & Theme Updates

Regular updates to Theme & Plugins with Monthly Reporting

On-Demand Site Updates & Fixes

Minor Site updates are available through the Online Ticketing System or a Phone Call

Professional Site Guidance

WordPress website management & optimization consulting included

Flexible Payment Plans

Choose from either Monthly or Annual payment options
(Annual Includes 1 Free Month)

Staging Site for Major Updates

A development copy of your live site for more complex updates
(Advanced Tier & Up)



Per Month 

For moderately active business websites with moderate traffic and regular weekly or monthly content updates

  • Everthing from the Base Level Plus...
  • Staging Site for major updates
  • Supports Small E-Commerce sites (1-30 Products)
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Per Month 

Very active websites with heavy monthly traffic and many weekly or daily content updates - small ecommerce sites

  • Everthing from Base & Mid Levels Plus...
  • On-Demand Site Updates & Fixes
    (2 Hours Per Month Included)
  • Supports Mid-Sized E-Commerce sites (31-500 products) Products)
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