Landon Cahow - Owner & Manager

Landon Cahow - Profile ShotA passion for graphic design and website usability is what got me interested in web design back in the early 2000's and it is this interest that made me take the leap in starting my first web design business and it has  been quite an amazing journey with all of the changes and advancements in technology along the way. In 2009 I officially kicked off Red Zephyr Design and since that time, I have had the pleasure of working with some awesome clients over the years, primarily building websites as well as offering... (Continued) ...brand development and logo design, print design, email and social network marketing, search engine optimization, as well as general website maintenance and security services. Providing these services to a number of markets from non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses, in the Auto industry, banking, outdoor sports, political campaigns, medical offices and health organizations as well.

Web Propeller is a continuation of that original project, rebranding and bringing in new service offerings to provide my clients with even more online marketing opportunities as well as keeping the maintenance and security packages that have been so vital to my clients. At the core of all of this though is truly my passion for quality design and presenting your business or organization in the best way possible to your target market.

A little about me, born in and partially raised right here in South Florida but have also lived for some years all over the US from the upper Midwest to North Carolina and Tennessee. Florida is always my home and I currently live here with my two beautiful daughters. Golf and photography are how I enjoy my time off, as well as enjoying the company of great friends around some craft beer or bourbon. Music is my absolute obsession to be honest, classical is primary, as well as rock and blues, and more recently I have picked up learning the electric guitar, an awesome pastime! Online interests include of course web design and UI/UX, photography as well as cryptocurrency, stock trading, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), science and space news.